Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions and/or to submit your application please email 

Before the course


  • Can you help me to find accommodation in Munich?
    We can suggest some contacts for accommodation but most people find their accommodation through the usual short-term lodging sites such as Air BNB.


  • Im a native speaker but am not always sure of the grammar, what should I do?
    This is quite normal, as a native speaker you tend not to know the ins and outs of your language.  The pre-course task and some sessions during the course will help you with this.
  • English is not my first language, can I do the course?
    Yes, as long as your English is native speaker level (ideally C2)
  • Do I need to be able to speak a foreign language?
    Although it is not necessary, if you have learned a foreign language you will have a better understanding of the learning process.
  • How old do I have to be to do the course?
    It is recommended that candidates are over 20 years old (18 at the centre’s discretion).  You need to show that you are capable of studying at a higher education level.
  • Do I need to have had teaching experience to do the course?
    No, CELTA is an entry level certificate and contains all the elements you need to help you teach for the first time.
  • I already have teaching experience but no formal qualifications, is this course for me?
    Experienced teachers have completed the CELTA course with us and have “learned a lot”. The disadvantage of coming in with some experience is that bad habits are hard to shake.


  • Does it matter where I take the CELTA course?  Are some courses better than others?
    No, the CELTA course is a standardized course and is externally assessed to ensure the standards are maintained, no matter in which centre the course is conducted.
  • Where is the Munich Volkshochschule CELTA course held?
    The Courses are held in Gasteig, Munich. Gasteig is Europes largest cultural centre and houses the Philharmonic as well as the Munich library.
  • What resources are available to me during the course?
    The centre has wifi and you will be offered photocopying facilities (please bring a USB with your materials saved as a PDF)


  • Do I have to have an interview in person?
    If it is not possible for you to get to the centre for an interview in person, we will arrange an interview via Skype.

Preparation for the course

  • What books can I read to help prepare myself?

  • Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener
  • The Ultimate Guide to CELTA by Emma Jones and Amanda Momeni
  • Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

During the course

  • What is the pass rate?
  • The majority of people come out with a Pass.  
  • The Munich Volkshochschule Pass B and Pass A rate is above average.  
  • The number of fails are very low due to the selection process.
  • Withdrawals are often due to people underestimating the workload.
  • Can I work during the course?
    If you do the part-time course, yes but make sure you set aside enough time each week to work on lesson plans and written assignments.  If you do the full-time course, absolutely not
  • Should I bring books and laptop to the course?
    If a book or laptop/tablet is required for a particular session or on a particular day, we will inform you in plenty of time.
  • Are the teaching practice students real?
    Yes, the students you will be teaching have been in to our offices for advice and guidance and a placement test.  They pay a lower price for the course than the standard Volkshochschule course fees and are aware that they will be taught by teachers in training.

After the course

  • Can I find work in Munich easily?
    There are no guarantees but experience shows that people holding a CELTA certificate can expect to have a timetable to suit them within 6 months of completing the course.  If you are interested in teaching at the Munich Volkshochschule, we will try to engage successful candidates.