Programme in English: Bento Box

A Japanese Lunchbox

In this course you will become familiar with the traditional Japanese "Bento box". The "Bento" is a dosage form in which various dishes are served in a special box. We will prepare a Dashi broth with various spices, sushi, tempura, miso soup and so on. In addition, you will learn about the cultural background of the well-known Japanese Bentos. You will receive many tips and tricks regarding preparation and how the locals serve their Bento box. At the end of the day everyone will devour their homemade Bento box.


Please bring: tea towel, apron and small plastic containers.

Der Kurs muss leider entfallen.
Samstag, 12.12.2020
10:00 – 15:00 Uhr
Dozentin/DozentSiu Sui Janice Lau
Volkshochschule, Forstenrieder Allee 61
Kerngebühr 37,00 €
Materialgeld 18,00 €
Plätze max. Teilnehmerzahl: 8
BarrierefreiheitDer Zugang zum Veranstaltungsort ist barrierefrei. (Ggf. Einschränkungen vor Ort)
Info & Beratung Fragen zur Buchung: (089) 48006-6239

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