Programme in English: Meditation for Curious, Impatient and Busy People

Meditation means "to cultivate the mind". With a mindful approach, anyone can learn this very old mental art whose core is "to live life in the present". With daily practice, both mind and body learn to be present, to relax, to find inner calm and peace, instead of being lost in past or future projects, worries and fears. Meditation helps mind and body to balance and refresh.

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Montag, 14.12.2020
19:00 – 20:30 Uhr
Dozentin/DozentJuliana Raisch
Volkshochschule, Nymphenburger Str. 171b
Gebühr 8,00 €
Plätze Noch Plätze frei
max. Teilnehmerzahl: 8
BarrierefreiheitDer Zugang zum Veranstaltungsort ist barrierefrei. (Ggf. Einschränkungen vor Ort)
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