Patchwork and Appliqué Intermediate Craft Workshop

Are you experienced in the art of patchwork and appliqué? Come join in the fun of making exciting colourful craft items for your home or for a loved one! This is a course for the more adventurous crafters. You will have the choice of making any one of the following items: a cushion cover, a throw, a laptop bag, a handbag using exotic African fabrics donated by NOHNEE. During the sessions you will learn to do decorative hand stitching as well as pattern making for your chosen item. Your completed item will be made using a selection of fabrics chosen from a variety of swatches of African fabric. The combination of these techniques are vibrant and exotic. Learn new and traditional quilt and craft product-making techniques taught by an English Textile Designer/Craft Maker.
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Montag, 06.11.2017
13:00 – 17:00 Uhr
Kursnummer F238550
Dozentin/Dozent Martha Kowa
Zeitraum/Dauer 2017-11-06T13:00:0006.11.2017
Ort MünchenEinstein 28
, Einsteinstr. 28
Kerngebühr 130,00 €
Materialgeld 20,00 €
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max. Teilnehmerzahl: 9
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