Mind the Gap

Three time Spiegel bestselling author of (mostly) nice books about Germany, Adam Fletcher offers an interactive event around his new book about the British - "Mind the Gap". It will be a mixture of readings, videos, images and quizzes discussing the cultural quirks of his home nation ending with a "How British Are You?" quiz that will reveal just how well you'd fit into the land of crumpets, rain, Brexit, small talk and misguided patriotism. The event will be in (easy to understand) English.
The course has finished.
Sunday, 15.04.2018
11:00 – 12:30 hrs
Course Number G110418
Teacher Adam Fletcher
Duration 2018-04-15T11:00:0015.04.2018
Location MünchenEinstein 28
, Einsteinstr. 28
Fees 10,00 €
Remaining tickets available on site
Karten für Schüler / Studenten zu 5 Euro nur an der Tageskasse.
Course Type Presentation
No. of Places Places available
Accessibility Entrance to the venue has disabled access (restrictions within the building possible)
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