A Country of Many Lands

How Geography Shaped a Nation (ab B1+)

America’s history and culture have always been closely connected to its land, and America’s geography is almost as diverse as its people. Old growth timber rainforests, white sandy beaches, dusty plains and deserts - each have their own unique culture. New England, with its numerous bays and navigable rivers made it a center of water-based economies like ship-building, whaling and fishing. The Rockies and other western mountain ranges hid gold and other precious minerals, producing an idea of "get rich quick" which remains across America. Tidewater tobacco and Mississippi Delta cotton built a whole culture on the idea of free labor and racism, whose effects can still be felt today.
We will explore these and other areas of America’s geography and will also look briefly at how immigrants who came to America often settled in the geographic regions most similar to the lands they had left.
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