Teaching and Learning Vocabulary in English

These days lower-level English classes are often multilingual, with learners whose mother tongue may be German or another language. This creates both interest and challenges. How nice, for example, that a coursebook ‘breakfast survey’ has a genuine communicative purpose, because our multilingual learners eat different things for breakfast! But we are also met by seemingly irreconcilable wishes in this type of learning context:
Learners who do not understand much German or even if they do, don’t find it helpful to have their English learning mediated through the German language,
Learners who have joined the class with expectations that German will be the classroom language.
Our challenge is to use and encourage as much English as is practicable. This will require us to develop good classroom routines in English, to gently and gradually move our learners away from mechanical, thoughtless translation and to make new and creative use of their mother tongues in our lessons. At the end of the workshop you will leave with concrete and practical suggestions.
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Freitag, 24.11.2017
14:00 – 17:30 Uhr
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Dozentin/Dozent Dr. Briony Beaven
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