Data Privacy Statement

Effective: December 2016

1. General
The Münchner Volkshochschule values the protection of personal data. The administration of personal data is completed in accordance with the Bavarian Data Protection law (BayDSG) as well as the “Telemediengesetz” (TMG). All employees of the MVHS, as well as meticulously chosen service companies, are obliged to keep all personal data private and to follow the data protection laws.

For queries please contact our Data Protection representative at

Further information on the topic of Data Protection can be found at

2. Technical Implementation

Our web server and the Content Management System is operated by SpaceNet AG, Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 14, 80807 Munich,

Responsible for design, implementation and functionality of the website is Item KG, Nobelstraße 8, 49716 Meppen,

3. Protocolling

When you open our webpages, data is transferred between your internet browser and our web server. This is not due to a specific function of our website, this data would be generated through the access to any website. The following data will be logged during communication between your internet browser and our web server:

  • Date and time
  • Name of the requested file
  • Page from where the file was requested
  • Access status (file transferred, file not found etc.)
  • Web browser and operating system used
  • Complete IP address of the computer used
  • Amount of data transferred

On ending the connection, the recording is also ended. The recorded data is not stored on our web server.

  • Personal details, actively provided by you during your visit to our website, will be used, saved and processed for the completion of course bookings and other related services provided by ourselves.

4. Cookies

On accessing this website, cookies (small files) will be saved onto your hard drive with a validity of 6 months. These are only used to identify you throughout your visit and future visits to our website. Cookies offer the advantage that you need not repeatedly fill in personal information. Most browser settings automatically accept cookies, however, this function can be switched off for the duration of the individual visit or permanently.

The following services are, however, only possible when cookies are allowed:

  • the booking of courses via the course basket
  • the login area for participants (“my account”)
  • the administration of wish lists

5. Active Components

Javascript is used as the active component for information supply of the Münchner Volkshochschule. This can be switched off in the settings for your internet browser.

6. Analysis Service and Evaluation of User Behaviour (Webtracking systems)
We use the open source programme Piwik for the design as well as the optimization of our website, Piwik uses cookies, these cookies (see point 4) are saved on your computer and enable us to analyse how our website is used. The cookies (including shortened IP address) are transferred to our server and saved for user analysis. Information taken from the cookie analysis is not passed on to any third parties. You can prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings in your browser software, this can, however, result in the non-function of some areas of the website. (see point 4)

7. Online Course Booking and Online Registration

For the purpose of the completion of course bookings (initiation, completion, processing and reverse transaction) and for the connected services (e.g. correspondence between you and us) we will gather, save and process personal data during the ordering and booking process as well as the opening of an online account (“my account”).  We also use the data, anonymously, for statistics, in order to optimize our offer (e.g. in which areas of Munich our participants live, the percentage of male to female participants etc.). Your data is encrypted through software (SSL) and securely transferred. You can see this through the symbol of a padlock in the URL field in your internet browser. Our website is protected via technical measures against damage, destruction and unwanted access.

Without your agreement the MVHS will not use any personal data for the purposes of advertising or surveys.

Personal data which you have provided to process an order, may be kept for up to 12 years for reasons of commerce and tax.

It is simple to choose and book online courses. We want to give you the possibility to choose whether your data is available for later bookings or not.

We hereby inform you that when completing an online booking your confirmation of registration will be sent via email.

Booking as a Guest User
You can book and pay for courses online without registering. The personal data provided for the process will only be used for this purpose. When booking as a guest user, you will have to enter your details again when making future bookings.

Booking as a Registered Participant
With an online account you can log in using your username and password and do not need to enter personal details every time you book a course, you can also see your course history.

For the initial online registration we will need your personal details which will allow the efficient processing of your booking. Providing your email address and telephone number will enable us to respond to queries, inform you of important course information etc. The details you provide help us to ensure a better service. Personal information which you have provided for use at a later date within your online account (e.g. bank details) will only be used for the above mentioned purpose.

8. Transfer of Data to Third Parties

The transfer of data to third parties may be made when necessary for the processing of contracts. 

  • When payment is made via a payment service (eg Visa, MasterCard etc.), your details will be passed on to the Payment Intermediary.
  • When payments have not been made in full, it is possible that your details will need to be passed on to a collection agency.
  • The MVHS is tied to the E-POST system of the Deutsche Post AG. Should no email address be available for the electronic delivery of the registration card, the confirmation of registration will be sent electronically and encrypted via the E-POST system. This means that the Deutsche Post AG will hand deliver it in printed form in an envelope and to your address.
  • Study trips and excursions offered by third parties and MVHS affiliates are not events offered by the Münchner Volkshochschule.  The general terms and conditions of the tour operator apply. The tour operator will receive name, surname, address, telephone number and email address of the registered passengers.

Details passed on may only be used by service providers to complete contractual obligations.

Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties when we are legally obliged to do so by way of a court order or if you have provided us with permission.

9. Electronic Mail (email) and Use of the Contact Form

You can use our contact form for any enquiries; it is SSL-encrypted and therefore cannot be accessed during its transfer by third parties.

If you send us a message via the contact form, your personal data is only saved if it is necessary for the processing of your enquiry. We will handle your data in line with the regulations of the Data Protection Law and take the greatest of precautionary measures to ensure their security. You can find out about which of your data has been saved:

Information which you send to us via electronical mail (email) can possibly be read by third parties during the transfer. We cannot generally check your identity and are unable to know who is behind an email. If you would like to send information which requires protection we would recommend you do this via the conventional postal service.

We have a filter (as all email companies do) against unsolicited advertising (spam). This can lead to some general emails being put into the spam file and deleted. Any emails that contain a virus are automatically deleted.

10. Double-Opt-in for Newsletter

The email addresses for the distribution of newsletters are saved and only used for the purpose of your subscription to the newsletter. This is where we engage the double-opt-in procedure.

With the double-opt-in procedure, on requesting a subscription to the newsletter via our website, an email will be sent to the recipient. Only when the subscriber has confirmed receipt of this email will they become a newsletter subscriber.

The receipt of newsletters can be cancelled at any time by the subscriber.

You can cancel the newsletter and/or way in which your email address is used at any time, without having to provide a reason. A link for this is available in all newsletters we send out.

You have the possibility to cancel your subscription to the MVHS Newsletter as well as Newsletter Extra or the complete newsletter service without reason and without cost.

11. Google Maps
In order to plan your way to us and your course(s), our website website (especially pages which contain course details) is connected to Google Maps. The view of Google Maps is initially deactivated, to activate it, just click on the icon, Google Maps will then be activated throughout your visit. We do not gather any of this data when you use the maps, e.g. when you click on the maps and request a route plan. It is possible that Google gathers such data; please check their terms of use:  

12. Information and Rights of Cancellation

At any time you are able to receive information regarding your saved data, without the need to provide a reason and without charge. You can have the collected data blocked, amended or deleted at any time. You can cancel your consent for us to collect and use your data, without having to provide a reason. Please contact