Stay Healthy – The MVHS Hygiene Concept

Please note the >> informations concerning current interruptions of courses here.

Please note that from now on masks are also required in class. Therefore, please wear a mouth and nose cover during your entire stay at MVHS.

It is very important for us that you can learn together in all of our courses, rooms and buildings without worry and in safety. Therefore during the corona pandemic, compulsory registration for all events and a multi-level hygiene concept adapted to the currently increased requirements have been introduced. We would like to inform you about this in detail here.

Our hygiene concept is based on the current requirements laid out by the Bavarian Ministry, with specific hygiene framework as well as the occupation safety standards of the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs.

Please take some time to make yourself familiar with these hygiene rules and make sure you follow these by every visit to the MVHS.

What should you consider when visiting the MVHS?

The most important rules are:

1. Keep your distance from others (minimum 1.5m), also when arriving and leaving the MVHS building as well as during breaks.

2. "Surgical masks" or FFP2 masks are compulsory (no clear view masks or visors): this includes wearing your mouth/nose cover in class and when moving around the premises, in the corridors, stairwells, washroom facilities etc. as well as at any time when the minimum distance cannot be maintained. 

3. Regular and thorough handwashing, especially on entry to the buildings.

4. Registration is compulsory for all courses and events >> all important information and telephone numbers. Attending events with >> MVHS-Card is, unfortunately not possible during the pandemic.

5. Regular ventilation of classrooms (minimum 1 x per hour for 10 minutes of intensive ventilation)

6. Please stay at home if you are suffering from cold sypmtoms or corona specifc symptoms or if you have come into contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case within the last 14 days.

Further Hygiene Regulations

  • Minimum distance of 1.5m between all people at all times
  • Fixed seating with minimum 1.5m distance to each other
  • No group or pair work (unless it is possible from the seats and the minimum distance of 1.5m remains)
  • No room changes
  • Please see any additional information on site regarding independent interim cleaning of tables and contact areas as well as regular ventilation of the classrooms. (Instructions and materials will be available on site)
  • Should (corona specific) symptoms arise or it becomes clear that someone has come in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case please contact the head of department to find out further measurements to take.
  • No entry or visit to the MVHS if you are subject to quarantine as stipulated in the current official requirements, for example the guidelines for entering from risk areas or returning from a country / area with a pandemic-related travel warning. If a corona test is mandatory, an up to date negative corona test result must be available before entering the MVHS.

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Specific Requirements for Individual Course Formats

For individual offers there are specific supplementary requirements and recommendations which we also have in place. These concern, for example, Health and Cooking Courses as well as Tours and Cultural Events.

Please refer to information on site and at the time of registration. Below you will find the most important information for specific offers.

Courses in the Field of Movement and Relaxation

  • Use only your own mats, no usage of small items of sports equipment
  • Please come to the course already changed.Changing rooms on site are only partly availible. Showers on site may not be used.
  • Ventilation concept: at least every 45 minutes for 15 minutes intensive ventilation
  • Partner dance: only two, fixed dance partners, between the difference dance pairs must a minimum distance of 1.5m and no contact.
  • Self-defense/martial arts: only two, fixed training partners, if keepinng distance ist not possible

Music Education

From 22nd June 2020, amateur choir practice is allowed if

  • minimum distance between participants is 2m
  • regular ventilation intervals
  • restricted rehearsal time

Music Courses

  • minimum distance between participants 1.5m
  • minimum distance for wind instruments and vocals 2m
  • No blowing through of wind instruments

Cultural Education (eg film evenings, theatre courses, concerts etc.)

When wind instruments and/or vocals are in use, a minimum distance of 2m must be kept.

  • In closed rooms, maximum 25 people allowed, outdoors a maximum of 50 people allowed 
  • Masks are compulsory for contributors, and the public in closed rooms 
  • This is also valid for film presentations

City, Culture and Nature Tours (Stadt-, Kultur- und Naturführungen)

  • Only possible if the minimum distance of 1.5m between participants can be kept

Cooking Courses

  • Where possible, bring your own chopping boards and knives.
  • Equipment should only be used by one persone where possible, otherwise wear disposable gloves or clean thoroughly after use.
  • Dishes and equipment will be put through a hot wash. By dishwashing it is guaranteed that the correct temperatures can be reached to ensure a safe cleaning of kitchen utensils.

Whole Day Events with Catering

  • Service in accordance with minimum distance requirements 
  • Service at the table only 
  • Self-service is only possible with packaged products and buffets; ensuring that dishes and cutlery can not be handled by many people

Haus Buchenried

  • Haus Buchenried has a detailed hygiene concept, which follows the regulations for hotel and gastronomy. On arrival you will receive a detailed information packet.  >> Haus Buchenried


  • Nurseries have their own detailed hygiene concept which follows the regulations laid out for Kitas. Parents will be directly informed.

Study Trips and Excursions

  • Study trips and excursions which are orangised and run by third parties are not events from the Munich Volkshochschule. In these cases the tour operator is responsible for keeping to the current hygiene measures.

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Provisions in MVHS Teaching Locations

  • Room capacity is limited so that the minimum distance can be kept.
  • Only rooms with suitable ventilation will be in use.
  • The content and methodologies will be adapted so that the hygiene rules can be adhered to.
  • Room cleaning will take place regularly.
  • Disposable wipes for independent interim cleaning will be available.
  • Common rooms will be closed to avoid congregation.
  • Walkways and waiting areas are clearly marked.
  • Contact details of all participants, teachers and those seeking advice and guidance will be kept for one month in case of the need for contact tracing as required by the Ministry for Health.
  • Participants and teachers will be kept up to date with the hygiene rules and procedures by way of posters (extra information may also be given by way of the registration card from specific departments).

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How has the MVHS Hygiene Concept developed?

  • Constant checking of valid official requirements and orders as well as advice taken with the Executive Board
  • Regular advice taken from the steering committee for hygiene management in agreement with our specialist for occupational safety and the works doctors as well as the occupational safety committee
  • Regular monitoring oft he realisation of the hygiene concept
  • Advice and exchange with the Landeshauptstadt München and the Bayerischer Volkshochschulverband
  • Briefings for all employees on the current hygiene rules
  • Advice from the Munich Health Authorities

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Stay informed

  • Please regularly keep yourself informed here.
  • Any questions, please contact the relevant department >> Contacts

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