Mission Statement

Life-long learning as official aim

Life-long learning is essential in order to be a successful and effective part of social, cultural, technological and economic change. 

As the public body responsible for further education in the city of Munich, the Münchner Volkshochschule (MVHS) supports life-long learning. It offers the citizens of Munich a diverse and high-quality range of courses and fulfils the essential role as (a) public, educational service.

Our programme is based on a well established and solid foundation of courses which, in turn, arouse new training ideas and opportunities. We respond quickly to new requests, co-operating flexibly with new and established partners. We undertake projects and contracted services for special target groups.

Our services are fully inclusive and so, available to all irrespective of age, gender, social class, religion, race, nationality or sexual orientation. We take care to create and maintain an open and accessible learning culture which (conciously) links to the varied educational and training requirements of all the people of our (great) city. We particularly strive to reach out to those citizens who for whatever reason have distanced themselves – or have been kept distant from – the traditional institutions of education and training.

The MVHS is a public body responsible for further education and training and as such is totally independent of party political or ideological orientation. The MVHS understands itself to be a forum whereby citizens with affiliation to varied political, trade union, economic and civil organisations can come together to exchange and discuss their own and opposing perspectives in freedom and peace. Sexism, antisemitism, racism and attempts at indoctrination have no place in the MVHS since such tendencies undermine free learning and peaceful social harmony.

Our educational endeavour is firmly rooted in the traditions of the Enlightenment and humanistic thought. Education and training is the agent and acquisition of knowledge and skills which nurture the development of rational, critical judgement.

We are enthusiastic in striving to explain new ideas and social developments. This openness to new perspectives, however, necessitates a careful and highly responsible handling of themes and trends which are on the border of, and challenge, mainstream thought. Esoteric doctrines and speculative teachings which seek to avoid a transparent, rational foundation and are closed to wide-ranging debate, are wholly inconsistent with our educational and training mission. In this respect, our teaching and training staff are obliged to adhere to these principles.

The MVHS works closely with partners in spheres of education, culture, academia, the economy and public administration. It actively takes part in the development of the public training landscape to make possible open access, second-chance education as well as the ease of transition between the different fields of education and training. 

Participation is the basis of our orgnisational culture:

  • the programme of courses will be transparent and comprehensible;
  • advice and guidance resources will be oriented towards the interests of the client;
  • the prior knowledge, skills and interests of participants will be taken into consideration;
  • selected events and methodologies will encourage active participation and promote independent learning;
  • course organisation and session times will seek to correspond to the varied schedules and expectations of prospective participants;
  • physical access and convenience of access to courses will be ensured by locating provision in areas of the city as close to prospective participants as possible;
  • in central course locations, free child care will be offered;
  • pricing policy will aim to encourage access by being socially affordable and accepting the usual price concessions;
  • registration methods and times will be arranged to suit the needs of clients;
  • a professional complaints procedure will deal with clients' complaints and suggestions;
  • all terms and conditions have been formulated to be client-friendly and transparent;
  • staff responsible for the programme and for running the service will be easily identifiable readily accessible to clients.

The MVHS works together with teaching staff who are committed, highly skilled and qualified in adult training. They are shown how and strongly encouraged to engage with each other in the regular exchange of ideas and good practice. The MVHS supports their specialist and pedagogical development by means of observation, advice and guidance plus attendance at further training courses.

All the staff of the MVHS experience and sustain a culture of success and high performance and thereby ensure the future of the organisation. We place great value on the fact that our staffing profile reflects the plurality of Munich's different communities and we embrace this diversity as an opportunity to further develop our educational mission.  At every level of the organisation we practise a staff-oriented style of management. All employees are supported in their professional development internal career goals. We have a youth development policy and create opportunities for initial professional development and training.

The MVHS operates a quality assurance policy on the basis of, amongst others, the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). We continually pursue an improvement in the quality of our offer, organisation, service and facilities. Specialist consultants support the quality assurance of the programme. We regularly survey our course participants, teaching staff, and partners and submit ourselves to external quality assurance inspections. An internal reporting system is the foundation of our internal improvement.