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„MVHS in English“ is a programme for the expatriate community in Munich as well as for anyone who would prefer to learn using English rather than German. We offer a wide variety of courses, seminars and workshops on a multitude of topics.
This semester will see the introduction of „MVHS Talks“ a monthly opportunity to first listen to an expert presenting an idea or discussing a question on a specific topic followed by an informal discussion.  

All courses can be booked either online, by telephone or in person at the Gasteig Cultural Centre in the heart of Munich or at any one of our centres throughout the city. For more details see >> Registration and Advice. Please note: your online registration can now be completed either in German or in English (see course details in order to choose your preferred language).

For further information or if you are interested in working as a teacher for the MVHS in English programme please contact Emma Jones,, telephone (0 89) 4 80 06-62 65.

Come and join one of the biggest municipal education centers in Europe. The Münchner Volkshochschule welcomes you!

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    Titel Beginn Stadtteil Status
    MVHS Talks: Brexit! Where are we now?Di 07.05.2019 19:00 UhrEinstein 28
    MVHS Talks: Should we have foreseen Trump’s rise to power?Di 02.07.2019 19:00 UhrEinstein 28
    MVHS in English: The "Deutsche Eiche" (German Oak)Restaurant, hotel, and gay bathhouseMi 11.09.2019 09:30 UhrIsarvorstadt
    MVHS in Englisch: BMW Group Munich PlantMo 16.09.2019 15:00 UhrMilbertshofen
    MVHS in English: Typisch München! Typically Munich!So 15.09.2019 14:30 UhrAltstadt
    MVHS in English: Painting for beginners and refreshersDo 04.04.2019 18:00 UhrBogenhausen
    MVHS in English: The Drawing StudioMo 18.03.2019 18:30 UhrMilbertshofen
    MVHS in English: Drawing and Watercolour - from Expressive Painting to Fine DetailsMi 26.06.2019 10:00 UhrSendling
    MVHS in English: Character Design - Create your own character, whether it be a hero or a monsterDo 04.04.2019 18:30 UhrEinstein 28
    MVHS in English: Drawing Basics for BeginnersMo 27.05.2019 18:30 UhrMilbertshofen
    MVHS in English: See Better. Draw betterDrawing BasicsDi 18.06.2019 10:00 UhrEinstein 28
    MVHS in English: Drawing in Colour - Chalk, Pastel, and Still LifeMo 24.06.2019 14:00 UhrEinstein 28
    MVHS in English: Drawing and WatercolourDo 12.09.2019 18:30 UhrEinstein 28
    MVHS in English: General Goldsmithing CourseSa 18.05.2019 10:30 UhrGasteig
    MVHS in English: Stone SettingSa 06.07.2019 10:30 UhrGasteig
    MVHS in English: The Art of Ring MakingSa 21.09.2019 10:30 UhrFürstenried-Ost
    MVHS in English: Book Club at GasteigDo 14.03.2019 18:00 UhrGasteig
    MVHS in English: The Writing LoungeMi 08.05.2019 18:00 UhrGasteig
    MVHS Talks: Can all our problems be solved with just a little bit of imagination?Di 04.06.2019 19:00 UhrEinstein 28
    MVHS in English: Digital Photography for Beginners - Technical Know-howMi 27.03.2019 18:30 UhrGasteig
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