The Münchner Volkshochschule

  • is the largest municipal centre for adult education in Germany: over 260,000 people attend a wide range of courses each year in over 19,000 events with more than 440,000 class hours.
  • is the language college of the City of Munich: more than 50 foreign languages are taught and applied here.
  • builds bridges between people of different origins and makes an important contribution towards integration: more than 31,000 people learn German as a foreign language here every year.
  • serves local businesses and industry with a broad range of vocational courses of further education and cooperates with a multitude of companies.
  • provides a “second opportunity”: several hundred teenagers and young adults catch up with their basic education and academic qualifications here every year.
  • promotes health: more than 36,000 residents of Munich use the courses in their locality each year to keep fit through movement and sensible nutrition.
  • teaches science: new findings from science and research are communicated to enable people to eventually form their own judgements.
  • encourages cultural vitality and brings people closer to the artistic treasures of the city.
  • strengthens solidarity between the generations: young and old learn here for themselves, with each other but most importantly from each other!
  • although decentralised, is always central: the Münchner Volkshochschule provides education and teaches culture in four district centres, nine neighbourhood centres and many other places of learning – always on-the-spot – of course also in the city centre.
  • is a public forum for debate and opinions, where current political topics are also discussed in depth.

Around 3,000 freelance lecturers from virtually all academic disciplines, vocational groups and artistic niches give courses at the Münchner Volkshochschule. They are held at locations all over the city in more than 30 dedicated teaching facilities, in neighbourhood centres, in the Ecologic Education Centre of the Münchner Volkshochschule, in the Haus Buchenried Seminar Centre on Starnberger See and in some 40 schools around Munich.