11 Essentials for the successful Business English trainer

You are offered a business English course but have not taught one before? You've been teaching business English for a while but are running out of ideas? The thought of having to teach business English is robbing you of your well-deserved beauty sleep? Then this workshop is for you!
Silke Riegler and Dana Jelinkova would like to share 11 highly practical tips and activities for business English courses including needs analysis, practising business communication skills and language as well as end-of-course feedback and celebration. Come and help us unpack the "Kulturbeutel" full of ideas that will engage your learners. We look forward to seeing you!
Anmeldung im Fachgebiet Englisch, Monika Schulze, Telefon (089) 4 80 06-6259, monika.schulze@mvhs.de
Samstag, 04.07.2020
10:00 – 13:30 Uhr
Dozentin/DozentDana Jelinkova
Silke Riegler
OrtMünchenGasteig, Rosenheimer Str. 5
Gebühr Gebührenfrei für Lehrkräfte der MVHS
Plätze Noch Plätze frei
max. Teilnehmerzahl: 20
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