Classical Guitar Refresher

After the forced break, we want to get ourselves up to speed again.

With the necessary distance, we finally make music again in the small group. We deal with technical aspects such as chord composition, fluency, exercises in position play and the playing of suitable level of experience. We attach particular importance to musical styles and interpretation.

For participants with 4-5 years of practice, language of instruction is English.

ab Montag, 03.08.2020, 18:00 Uhr
Dozentin/DozentAnthony Farese
Zeitraum/Dauer2020-08-03T18:00:004x, 03.08.2020 - 24.08.2020
OrtMünchenEinstein 28
Bildungszentrum, Einsteinstr. 28
Gebühr 47,00 €
Plätze Noch Plätze frei
max. Teilnehmerzahl: 5
BarrierefreiheitDer Zugang zum Veranstaltungsort ist barrierefrei. (Ggf. Einschränkungen vor Ort)
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