Programme in English: Character Design - Create your own character, whether it be a hero or a monster

If you are interested in comic, manga or anime or you want to use your drawing and painting skills through illustration, computer games or film production, this is the course for you! We will look at basic methods of character design as well as proportion, shape, perspective, deformation, body language, expressions, mimics, anatomy and texturing. During this practical training, you will use your skills and imagination to create your own characters: heroes, beauties, cuties, monsters, animals, aliens, machinery - let your imagination run wild.

Visit our website: for more informatione regarding the current main topic "Konnichiwa - Japan entdecken".

Beginners and advanced students are welcome.
ab Donnerstag, 28.11.2019, 18:30 Uhr
Dozentin/DozentIvan Uzunov
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