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If you already have substantial experience of teaching English as a foreign language and would like to extend your knowledge and skills in teaching, while enhancing your career choices, a Delta qualification could be an interesting and challenging option for you.

The Delta is a prestigious qualification, and is widely recognised, not only in the UK but also abroad. It can facilitate progression to other qualifications such as MAs in Linguistics and Language Teaching, and indeed some MA programmes are now offering credits and/or exemptions on their courses for those who have obtained the Delta. It is also very good preparation for more senior teaching roles. 

The course will deepen your understanding of the principles and practice behind teaching English to speakers of other languages. You will also have the opportunity to focus on an optional specialist area of teaching.

The Münchner Volkshochschule offers Delta courses
• in a modern, central, well-resourced building,
• with small numbers of participants – you will get plenty of personal tutor attention and be able to get to know your fellow course members well.

  • A new part-time Module 1 course starts in October 2015. Details and application form available on this website.
  • A new part-time Module 2 course starts in January 2016. Details and application form available on this website.
  • A new blended part-time Module 3 course starts in September 2016. Details and application form available on this website.

Further details of all these courses can be found on the page "Course information and applications" (see below).

For more information contact the Delta Course Director Briony Beaven on: or telephone ++49 (0)89 92 58 51 13.

You may be able to get your Delta course sponsored through the government scheme ‘Bildungsprämie: 3. Förderphase’. This pays towards the cost of courses for professional purposes in 2015. See >>

The Delta modular framework
The modular framework is intended to provide an accessible and flexible programme. You may choose to do any or all of the three modules – each module is assessed independently and is separately certificated. Achievement of a Pass in all three modules confers the full Delta qualification.

Who is Delta for?
Delta Modules can be taken at various stages in a teacher's career. They are suitable for both native and non-native speakers of English, in a variety of teaching contexts e.g. adult, primary, or secondary teaching.

 The Delta Modules are for:
• teachers who wish to refresh their teaching knowledge 
• teachers who wish to review and update their practice 
• teachers who wish to extend their expertise in a specialist area.

Candidates should be graduates and/or have qualified teacher status. Some basic ELT training, for example the CELTA or its equivalent, is an essential entry requirement.
As a rough guide, two years' broad and full-time experience of teaching adult classes is the minimum prerequisite in terms of teaching experience.

The Delta course aims to provide a balance between the demands of the practical application of teaching and understanding of the theoretical background.

Module One: Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching 
Delta Module One provides you with a comprehensive overview of features of language systems and language skills relevant to teaching and lesson planning, including problems with language use and skills experienced by learners. You will learn to critically evaluate current and historical methods in English language teaching, examine and evaluate teaching resources and materials (including e-resources and multi-media materials), and become familiar with key concepts related to assessment.

Module One is assessed through a written examination.
Module Two: Developing Professional Practice
Delta Module Two develops your abilities to make appropriate choices regarding lesson content and teaching approach. In this Module you also broaden your range of teaching and learning strategies and develop as classroom practitioners who are able to respond to learners' needs. Through focussing on problem solving, evaluation and reflection, both before and after teaching, you extend your ability to think critically and broaden your professional understanding.

Module Two is assessed through a portfolio of coursework, including observed lessons, background written assignments, and an externally-assessed lesson observation.

Module Three: Extending practice and English language teaching specialism
Delta Module Three introduces you to research skills, and to the theory and techniques behind course planning and syllabus design. In this Module you also look at assessment and its impact on syllabus content and teaching methodology. The Module provides an opportunity for you to closely consider a specialist area of English language teaching and to develop your ability to synthesise your learning into a project.

Module Three is assessed through an extended written assignment. 



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