• "The CELTA course was a really enjoyable experience for me. I was warned about the intensity of the fulltime CELTA programme, but I wasn't warned about the enjoyment of being back in a class, learning with 11 other motivated people. It was a really positive learning environment and a great mix of students and tutors.
    Observing and reflecting are important parts of the CELTA ethos and watching our tutors teach a good or not-so-good input session was as important as watching our peers teach a class full of Volkhochschule students.  Being thrown into the deep end on the second day was scary, but rewarding, and I think we all improved dramatically over the four weeks.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching." 
    Harriet Dempsey
  • “I was totally unprepared for how intensive the 4-week CELTA course was (despite being told) but in the end I am glad that I did it. The instructors were really wonderful – they have so much experience and were able to provide a good mix of constructive criticism and praise in a way that I thought was extremely helpful, eye-opening and confidence-building.  The format of the program also encourages trainees to provide each other with a lot of feedback and support, and fosters camaraderie. The things I learned in the course have affected the way I teach for the better, and makes me feel as though I have a much better chance of getting through to the students.” 
    Masako Asazuma
  • “At the time it felt like -
    Four weeks of pain!
    Four weeks of no sleep!
    Four weeks of demoralisation!
    Four weeks of depression!
    Four weeks of learning the meaning of the word “RESUBMISSION”!
    I had to ask myself: Do l really know what English is and how to teach it???
    Looking back it was really –
    Four weeks of fun!
    Four weeks of really learning!
    Four weeks of great teamwork!
    Four weeks of being together with great people – students, tutors and the “guinea pig” students in teaching practice!
    The reward – a piece of paper which means an awful lot and represents a lot of hard work and brings back many fond memories.
    I always enjoyed teaching and now even more after the CELTA course.
    A big thank-you to the course tutors who were all fantastic during a very stressful time which l would not have wanted to miss.”
    Graham Gibson
  • "I highly recommend the part time CELTA course to everyone who is serious about teaching English as a foreign language and lives in or near Munich. The standard is very high and the tutors are professional and supportive. There will be stressful moments and sleepless nights (for some), however it is well worth the investment of both time and money. Despite having previously taught English at the VHS for over 12 years I learnt a lot/loads/masses/ and now feel that I am a much better teacher. Before CELTA I seemed to be doing too much talking and I avoided teaching grammar, common problems for an untrained teacher. The course resolved these problems and gave me the knowledge and confidence to apply for a wide variety of positions in the EFL sector.
    Since completing my CELTA I have been able to obtain work at a local university, local businesses and for summer language camps in the UK and Italy.  It’s never too late! Next stop DELTA."
    Gillian Wetzel
  • I highly recommend the Part-time CELTA course. The 4 trainers were excellent and it was invaluable to have input and instructions from a variety of professional and dynamic teachers.  I think the CELTA teaching methods are the most effective way to teach English as a second language. The opportunity to prepare and teach classes was very beneficial including the follow-up feedback from teachers and other students. The Part-time CELTA environment was very supportive and the CELTA trainees provided encouragement and input to each other in and out of class time. Because of this CELTA training, I am now teaching ESL and using so many of the methods and strategies I learned in the class. Thank you!!
    Hope Moore

If you are interested in DELTA please visit www.mvhs.de/delta