MVHS in English - iwis engine systems

"Iwis - we are moving the world" - is the slogan of the family-run company by Joh. Winkelhofer and sons, which has been situated in Sendling since 1916. Iwis engine systems is an expanding, medium-sized enterprise of the metalworking industry. The firm not only supplies automobile manufacturers with high class self-developed and produced engine parts but also industry and agriculture with efficient chain systems. The development of custom made chain systems is paramount. As evidenced by its numerous awards, the company is also very successful within the fields of personnel and environment.
Mittwoch, 07.12.2016
08:00 – 10:00 Uhr
Kursnummer D124737
Dozentin/Dozent Danimir Risonjic
Zeitraum/Dauer 2016-12-07T08:00:0007.12.2016
Ort MünchenSendling-Westpark
Treffpunkt: iwis motorsysteme
, Albert-Roßhaupter-Str. 53
Gebühr 6,00 €
Veranstaltungstyp Guided Tour
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